Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Made in McKinney


Have your own idea for your perfect custom piece?  My Diamond Shoppe offers that as well! We are happy to work with you to bring that idea to life. We will sit down and help you to design the perfect piece to match your tastes, and then quickly make it real so you can show off your own creation!!
Creating custom jewelry for a special day or to give as a gift can be a priceless gesture. If you’re considering custom jewelry for a bride to be, for a valentines present to your special someone, or even for a birthday present, let My Diamond Shoppe assist you. We will work with you to create a unique piece of jewelry that meets your specific criteria. Our custom jewelry shop has served countless satisfied clients from McKinney, Frisco, Allen, TX & beyond!
Let us help walk you through the process with an experienced jeweler in house as well as a designer let us show you how fun it can be!  Here are the steps to expect!
  1. DESIGN–  We will start with getting a feel for your style and understanding the occasion.  Browse through our cases or even bring us ideas you found online.  From there we can either come up with hand sketches, or go to the next step which is bringing your ideas to reality using advanced Computer Aided Design.
  2. CAD–  See a computer rendering of your ideas and make changes to your design so that it is perfect for you.
  3. WAX– Once the right design is selected your new creation will but carved into wax.  It gives you a chance in real life to see your ideas, understand the size and make sure everything is perfect before casting.
  4. CASTING– Next the jeweler in house will cast your piece into the metal of choice and finish everything out by hand to add the finishing touches like textures or stone setting.
  5. ENJOY– It is rewarding and fun to finally pick  up your finished jewelry and be able to have the perfect piece made just for you.  Let us guide you with Gemologist, Designers, Jewelers.
Many people love using old jewelry they have inherited or had for a long time to create something new!  We will also have special options available to use your stone, credit you for pieces you would like to trade, or sometimes even use the jewelry you a;ready have to make something new.
Let us know your ideas!  Check out our Facebook for ideas and let us know if you have any questions!
Contact us here or come by our store to learn more about the unique custom jewelry we can make for you!
Before and after using stones to design a new ring.